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Supreme Global Earth Africa

Advocacy: Women Entrepreneurship

Advocacy: Women Entrepreneurship

The Supreme Queen Zambia board is made up of female business owners, who know first-hand the resources, support, and access to networks and financing that young women need when starting their businesses and overcoming the barriers associated with females in business in the African economy.

We are building a network of women who understand what it takes to build a business from the ground up and because of this process and the hard work and dedication it entails, one is able to understand how much support is needed especially from likeminded women who want to see their fellow women succeed.

All women entrepreneurs and women in business, stand to benefit from the pageant’s advocacy support.

Our business relationships and partnerships can help them advance by, including but not limited to, joining business associations to access networks and industry specific knowledge, becoming part of a sisterhood aimed at the advancement of women in business and leveraging of the resources and support provided.